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Tupelo Defender

An advanced and fully featured online backup solution which automates data backup to secure and cost effective cloud storage. Tupelo Defender combines an easy to use interface with powerful functionality delivering a disaster recovery plan which is simple, reliable and affordable. This software provides considerable headline benefits when compared to traditional backup systems, the most important being rapid recovery of high volume data and multiple file versions allowing deleted or modified files to be retrieved quickly and easily on-demand.


Backup Schedule. Automates backups by setting up a suitable time and frequency

Real-Time Backup. Backup everything automatically. Tupelo Defender runs as a Windows Service and tracks folders for new or changed files to back them up immediately

Encryption. Protect Your data from unauthorised access by choosing an encryption algorithm and setting a unique encryption key. Tupelo Defender. Encrypts all your data before it uploads it to storage.

Compression. Reduces the size of your backups to save time and money spent on data recovery plan. Tupelo Defender. Compresses data prior to transfer.

Intelligent Bandwidth Scheduler.  Control the bandwidth throttling in real-time to set, for instance, the backup to consume all available bandwidth during the off hours and on the weekends while consuming only 10% of bandwidth during the working hours.  

Virtual Disk.  Expose cloud storage as a local disk on your computer and access your data.

Local Backup. Set up local backup if you want to send only subset of your data to the cloud and keep the rest on your local backup storage.

Block Level Backup. Backup only changed parts of the file. Tupelo Defender Detects these parts and automatically uploads it to remote storage.


  • Keeps backups in a remote location and eliminate tape management once and for all
  • Restore backups anytime from any place where you have an internet connection
  • Continuous data protection. As soon as any file has changed it can be immediately sent off site so fully protecting all daily activity
  • Setup a schedule of backup jobs to manage more complex situations
  • Protect backups by encrypting your data
  • Compress backups to reduce the size of required cloud storage
  • Stage data to local hard disk to minimise impact to users
  • Both file and block level backups can be taken with incremental changes sent to backup medium
  • SQL and MS Exchange backup agents can be accommodated


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