Welcome to Tupelo Technology


TUPELO Technology consist of a multi-talented team of system analysts, IT support engineers, programmers and project managers. We specialise in IT Support for small law firms. Our office is located in Bermondsey, in Central London.

We started to trade in the year 2000, adding a no cost “Virtual IT Manager” advisory service to the traditional IT support contract. We owe our survival in the market place due to our indepth expertise in technology – your first encounter will be with a qualified engineer instead of a ‘salesman’ – and our commitment to keeping prices low to sustain the small and medium sized businesses. We understand that the ‘one size fits all’ solution is bad solution, and therefore our commitment is to help our clients’ by delivering bespoke IT solutions that are comprehensive and scalable.

Our clients range from the one man band micro-enterprise through to small businesses employing between 1 and 200 employees. We well understand that in that market segment and that during that critical development period, the total cost of ownership coupled with operational flexibility and cost effective scalability is a critical factor – we have the experience to tailor solutions for that market.

Quantum leap in the innovation of information and communication technologies over the last 15 years, has now made it feasible to bypass the onerous capital and operating expenditure associated with in-house servers and complex support arrangements. In response to those technical advancements, Tupelo Technology has developed its own hybrid range of traditional IT and cloud based solutions which are very suitable for the small and medium businesses, particularly in situations of start ups, new office relocation or IT replacement.

We do not have any special winning formulae; we simply put our clients first by keeping the price low whilst offerring expert and honest advice coupled with good after sales service.


“As a business, we support the diverse needs of a 70 strong legal team with a platform which will quickly and easily scale to higher capacity and allow us to extend our operations geographically on demand.Tupelo have far exceeded our expectations, delivering the most stable, secure and flexible computer infrastructure we have ever had. We no longer need to house servers or complex equipment which has dramatically reduced downtime and removed the costs risks associated with running IT internally. More importantly, with a totally reliable infrastructure, Tupelo are now helping us to create our own best in class IT system, developing bespoke applications and integrating them with innovative industry software. This is allowing us to work with our clients far more
creatively, collaboratively and cost effectively.”

“Since migrating from a very cumbersome and expensive traditional LAN, Tupelo has been providing a very reliable and robust virtual desktop platform to us since 2013-  and we have never looked back. Providing legal support services to the legal industry means that the deadline for our clients are very tight and we simply cannot afford to have any network issues at any time. The High Availability system, Snapshots and Business Continuity solutions tailored for  us has proven to be very resilient – our network has never been down a single day and their support staff has always been timely and prompt”

Paul Denham, Marketing Director, Magna Carta Translation Ltd