There is a growing consensus that home working is now part of business life. Many had thought about it, considered it, but put it on the back boiler until, well, they could look at others and see if it worked for them. 

Now we have seen the largest possible research into the impact of that change through the introduction of Lockdown. 

Most office based workforces began working from home, and the results have been game changing. Productivity, job satisfaction, using new online communications platforms and taking responsibility have all been above expectations. 

But now that you might be thinking about blending home and office working, you may need to think about the impact of that permanence on your tech specifications. 


Here are a few things to think about, that you might not be fully aware of:

  • Data security is easily compromised. From a laptop being left on a train, to a hack of a social media channel being used on the same network as business, you need to audit your data security. 
  • Hardware needs protected and serviced. Home and family life can be more physically robust than an office where a computer sits securely on a desk. You also need to be sure that the work at home is being done on a computer that is fit for purpose. The home version may not be powerful enough to cope.
  • Software has to be protected. Making sure that the right firewalls are in place is essential to protect your investment in software. 
  • Keep the cloud safe. Making sure that the connection to the cloud is essential. The internet provider used at home may not be set up to deliver to the levels required. 
  • The working platform that you use is the best for your business. There are numerous workflow systems and internal communications apps that can deliver for you, but selecting the correct one can be a minefield of test and track. 

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