Now your employees are working from home, do they have your sensitive data at home too?  

Coronavirus is hopefully receding, slowly, so there is increasing talk about the long-term effects. What will change permanently? Will we travel less, holiday at home more, shop online more frequently, buy more local produce? These may change, but there is agreement on one thing, that there will be a change in workplace practices, with working from home being an acceptable and common practice.  

It seems like a no brainer for many companies, reduced costs on property rental, less spent on utility overheads, more flexibility for staff to make their jobs more attractive. But, and there is always a but, there are implications for businesses that cannot be ignored and one of the main ones is technology and data.  


A growing number of businesses are implementing ISO 27001, the quality standard for data protection and GDPR regulations. As data becomes more important to businesses both large and small, the protection of that data also becomes more important. Contracts with the public sector now often have the ISO as an essential for tenders, and more companies, large and small, are becoming aware that their data unprotected becomes a liability. 

Those that have achieved the standard may need to look at the potential problems that arise from home working. 

  • A home computer used by all the family – is the data secure?
  • A laptop left in the cafe that was a perfect place to work.
  • A hard drive that crashes during important work.
  • A hack.
  • A software update is required.

These are only a few of the potential pitfalls, but they do not need to result in lost data, or in a worst case scenario, lost business.

At Tupelo we can help put your home workers on the same level as if they were still in the office. Full Cloud, Private Cloud,  Protected sandbox, two factor secure logins are all part of the solution, but each business needs to look at their own requirements rather than taking something off the digital shelf. 

 Our first task is to audit your business requirements, then we advise you of the best solution, then we implement it for you, taking away the need for you to get up to speed with all the tech and the ISO 27001 details. You may not see the ISO as necessary at the moment, but you will be on the path to getting it for future business growth that can result from being an ISO company. 


In a nutshell, we can do your lockdown homework for you.

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